Just give me something/ Something I can use/ People love it when you lose/ They love dirty laundry. – Don Henley

Some years ago, I started a blog chronicling my Friday nights as a single girl living in a big city.

I wish everyday was Friday. Happy hour starts a little earlier, responsibilities dwindle, spontaneity and bad behaviour linger near. For me Friday’s always meant freedom, friends, and usually too many vodka sodas.

Surprisingly, the night that I had decided was for letting loose and not giving a shit was the night that always seemed to teach me a lot about who I was, what I wanted, what I was worth, and the best lesson – how to laugh at it all.

So I started to write about such nights. And then I wanted to write about everything from Saturday-Thursday too.

I chronicled my dating debacles as a way to impose some order, clarity, and lightness on an otherwise very chaotic and sometimes self-esteem crushing battle field. I never sought out to give advice; rather, it was a way to share in this collective experience of trying to find something meaningful, something that makes you feel alive and safe all at the same time. 

You may be familiar with the quote by Joan Didion, I don’t know what I think until I write it down. That was me.

I was like Carrie Bradshaw minus the expensive shoes.

I am a big fan of the raw, the vulnerable, the depth in the seemingly simple, and most of all, the hilarious. You will find all of that here.

This blog is now a collection of all of my words: magazine articles, blogs, book reviews, and musings about life, love and wellness.

I hope you enjoy!

About Me

I say yes to out-of-body spiritual woo-woo stuff on yoga retreats. I say yes to doubles on Thursdays. Yes to personal development seminars and the self-help section at Chapters. Yes to making terrible decisions and laughing about them later.

That quote from a blog posted many moons ago describes me pretty well.

I am a writer, and a lover of all things artistic & creative. A fortune cookie told me so.

I am also a visual merchandiser, obsessed with the strategy and creativity behind why we buy. I could also happily stay in school forever and am currently exploring master’s programs abroad, day dreaming about how I can fuse writing with my love for visual beauty and travel.

I have found that when we get clear on what we want and let go of how we are going to make it all appear, life works it’s magic in ways we couldn’t have dreamed up.

I am currently enjoying life in Sydney, Australia, working on my manuscript, and getting clear on what’s next.